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Ecovillages, green and natural building methods and permaculture.
Welcome to Ecovillage!

We are an earth-friendly community for supporters of ecovillages, green & natural building methods and permaculture as well as economic and political decentralization.

What are ecovillages?:
Robert Gilman, in his book, Ecovillages and Sustainable Communities (1991), offers this definition and explanation: An ecovillage is a human-scale, full-featured settlement in which human activities are harmlessly integrated into the natural world in a way that is supportive of healthy human development and can be successfully continued into the indefinite future.

What is permaculture?:
Permaculture is an approach to designing human settlements and perennial agricultural systems that mimic the relationships found in the natural ecologies.

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» Be respectful and kind to one another!

Let us first be as simple and well as Nature ourselves, dispel the clouds which hang over our brows, and take up a little life into our pores.

» Walden - Henry David Thoreau

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